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Searching for the Best Solar Panels & 3 Aspects That Really Matter_March 2018

It would be very hard to select a solar panel these days considering the sheer number of options available. When trying to find the best solar panels for your home there are 3 critical factors to consider. These factors include the efficiency, warranty , Cleaner NRG and production.

It is important to think about the production of your solar panels in order to understand how many panels you need to attain a certain level of production. Your savings will rely on the solar panels you choose, which range from 250 to 360 watt panels. Solar panels with a lower production (such as 250 watts panels) will need you to get more panels in order to provide you with the same outcome as less panels with a higher production (such as 360 watt panels).

The efficiency and degradation rate of your solar panels will specifically affect the longevity of your panels and the amount they generate after a few years. Solar panels on the market today can have 12.4% efficiency or as much as 22%. The SunPower X-Series panels have 22.8% efficiency, making the brand one of the most efficient selections available. Panels may vary in degradation rates. It may be practical to try the new SPWR panels from SunPower since they have a degradation rate of no more than 0.3% per year. Solar is something you will have for a long period so it is important to select solar panels with good long term production.

Homeowners should also look into the presented warranties when searching for the best solar panels. There are two components of warranties, namely a power and product warranty. Every manufacturer and installer has their own specific warranties. Home owners can depend on the power warranty in case the solar panels are not creating the right amount as promised while they can use the product warranty to have the components (such as the solar panels and the inverters) repaired by the company for free in case they malfunction. You should look into how long these warranties will last and also their coverage. It would be a good idea to go for a manufacturer that removes, ships , click here and changes the faulty panels at no cost. Moreover, there is a 10 year product warranty established by some manufacturers. On the other hand, a longer 25 year warranty period is provided by vendors like SunPower.

To find out more, see the full article on Cleaner NRG, and you can get a quote from them here.

Whether you are just starting your search for the best solar panels or have already received a number of quotes, Cleaner NRG works with homeowners to both inform and match house owners with their most beneficial solar option for their home. Click here to get a free quote and more information on the subject matter.

Post by roderickkletschka (2018-03-30 16:36)

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